17 November 2011

Sherine Smith, Superintendent, Laguna Beach Unified School District

Sherine Smith, the Superintendent of the Laguna Beach Unified School District, will be talking about the State of Our School system. Laguna Beach High School was just voted in the top 350 high schools throughout the United States.

20 October 2011

John Petig, City Manager, Laguna Beach

John Petig will speak to LBBC members and guests about the status of governence within the City of Laguna Beach. Find out what the current hot topics are, and how best to do business with city.

15 September 2011

LauriBurnsLauri Burns, Founder, Teen Project

Laurie Burns grew up in a Jewish family on Long Island and by all outward appearances, she lived in a “normal” family. She was physically abused by her father starting at an early age. She became an IV drug user and began “walking the streets” to support her habit. She was pregnant at 19. On Jan. 5, 1987 she was picked up by two men that almost beat her to death after raping her and leaving her for dead. After struggling through drug addiction, she raised her daughter and became a Computer Consultant. She set up a Non-Profit Organization called the Teen Project that helps to take “at risk girls” off the streets and into a safe home. Lauri spoke at the Laguna BeachRotary Club back in April and when she finished it was dead silent without a dry eye in the crowd. You will be amazed at the strength of Lauri Burns.

18 August 2011

Lt. Jason Kravetz and Detective Zach Martinez

Laguna Beach Police Department's Lt. Jason Kravetz and Detective Zach Martinez will speak about the crime scene in Laguna Beach as well as, identity theft. Jason is a terrific speaker and always has some interesting insights into what is going on in Laguna Beach whether it is the homeless, gangs, petty crimes and heavier duty crimes. Detective Martinez will discuss identity theft which can be a real nightmare.

16 June 2011

Rick Cirelli
RTC Mortgage

Rick Cirelli with RTC Mortgage will be our guest speaker. Rick has been in the mortgage business for 35 years and will talk about why housing isn't better, what's wrong with the tight underwriting guidelines on mortgages, as well as what the government should or shouldn't do

Rick specializes in Residential and Commerical mortgage lending adn planning. He is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist with over 30 years of experience. His goal is not only to obtain the best rates and terms for his clients, but also to work with thier Tax and Financial Advisors to integrate their mortgage into their overall long and short-term financial plans.

A shared worldly passion for design

By Melissa Almon

At this year’s Honors Convocation at Laguna Beach High School, senior Seena Shahmardi proved that entrepreneurism is in high fashion. Shahmardi was named the recipient of the 2011 Laguna Beach Business Club Entrepreneurial Scholarship and will receive $1,000 towards tuition at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London.  He plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design Womenswear and eventually create a European line of clothing under his own name.

Seena is no stranger to the world of design or entrepreneurial endeavors. At the age of thirteen, he bought a screen-printing kit and began designing his own t-shirts. He would test market a new design by wearing it to school (6th grade at Thurston), take orders that day, print them that night, and sell them the next day for $10, making a healthy $5 profit on each sale. He soon became a Photoshop expert and expanded his brand and web designing abilities. Seena was later hired by Anastasia Café & Boutique to expand their website and tap into social media and online marketing.

As his design and web skills expanded, so did his client list. Today, six years after printing his first t-shirt, and four years after making his first website, Seena’s clothing company is still developing original ideas carried by six stores around the United States. His web design company is currently responsible for building over ten original full working websites, as well as e-commerce sites for twenty clients.

This year, the LBBC scholarship was given in memory of Steve Ewing, a Laguna husband, dad, and long-time member of the Business Club who passed away unexpectedly in March at the age of 45. Steve was a passionate and internationally renowned product designer who knew as a young teenager exactly what he wanted to do…and did it. He not only designed a life saving tourniquet used all over the world, he designed a life with great intention and purpose…and lived it to the fullest.

So it is fitting that this year’s recipient shares Steve Ewing’s razor sharp focus, distinct humor and big heart, creative energy, and proven talent in the world of design.

Watch out Prada, Seena Shahmardi is on the rise.

[pictured above : LBBC Scholarship presenters Melissa Almon (left) and Diana Cimino (right) with 2011 LBBC Entrepreneurial Scholarship winner Seena Shahmardi.]

19 May 2011

KOhanaKevin Ohuna, Civil Engineer
Manager OC Flood Section OC Public Works

Kevin Onuma who will be giving a presentation on flood control issues in Laguna Beach, The presentation will include a brief overview of past flooding, engineering studies, and future improvements that are needed to reduce the risk of flooding in Laguna Beach. Kevin is a licensed Civil Engineer and currently the manager of the OC Flood Section for the Orange County Pulblic Works Department. He has over 20 years of engineering experience with the County of Orange which includes stints as the County's Chief Hydrologist, Chief of Development Support, and Manger of the Flood Program unit as well as time working in the County's Flood Project Planning and Flood Control Design groups.

21 April 2011

Kim BurkeKim Burke, CEO of Decision Toolbox

Attention to People is More Important Than Ever.

In recent years, attracting and retaining talent has emerged as one of the top three challenges facing senior executives annually – alongside competition and the health of the global economy.* And because recruiting is the business of people, the players, playing field and rules of the game change constantly.
Drawing on her background as a broadcast journalist, Kim Shepherd invites her audience out onto the recruitment playing field to see what trends are directly impacting talent today and how the smartest companies are out-recruiting the competition.

With real-world examples, proven processes and in-the-trenches recruitment advice, Kim inspires and equips her audience to compete in the War for Talent.

Frequently called upon by the media as an expert on talent management, Kim has been referenced and featured in a variety of channels such as The Orange County Register, OC Metro, HR.com, The Human Capital Institute, and Work It, Mom!. She is a syndicated columnist with the San Francisco Examiner, and has published numerous articles in a variety of professional publications. She is also the author of "The Bite Me School of Management: Taking a Bite Out of Conventional Thinking".

17 February 2011

burkeWilliam M. Burke :
Lawyer, Consultant, and Mountaineer
William M. Burke has climbed highest mountain on every continent. He practiced corporate law for over 40 years in Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.  Retired in 2003 and now consults.

On May 23, 2009, Costa Mesa resident, Bill Burke, summitted Mt. Everest from the South (Nepal) side of the mountain.  In reaching the summit, he became the oldest American to climb the highest mountain in the world. This year, he returned to attempt a summit from the North (Tibet) side of the mountain.  He turned around at the Second Step, less than 1,000 feet from the summit.  Next year, he plans to attempt a double summit of Mt. Everest from both the North and South side, a feat which has never been accomplished.  Bill has already climbed the highest mountain on every continent. 

At the LBBC breakfast on February 17, Bill will present a video/photo slideshow of his adventures in mountaineering. He'll discuss his training and preparation for the climbs, his climbing equipment, and the dangers, challenges and joy of climbing the world's highest mountains.          

For additional information on Burke's adventures, visit his website: eightsummits.com

January 2011

The Laguna Beach Business Club is proud to announce its officers elected for 2011:

President: John Campbell, John Campbell Insurance
Vice President: Bart Zandbergen, Financial Management Network
Secretary: Melissa Almon, Almon Creative
Treasurer: Jerry Immel, Pacific Microsystems.

Immediate Past President is Richard T. Cirelli, RTC Mortgage Corporation.






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